About Us

LaRhonda Majied


A working professional and long-time advocate for affordable housing in the Denver community.

Doris Gordon

Executive Director

My name is Doris “Didi” Gordon.  I recently graduated from University of Colorado College of Nursing with a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.  For the last year I have been a Registered Nurse at St. Luke Presbyterian Hospital in the Operation Room.

I have a passion for helping people.  I love spending time with my family and traveling the world.  I am dedicated, outgoing, multi-tasker, and a team player.

LaRon Philmon


My name is LaRon Philmon.  I am a recent graduate of Metropolitan State University where I hold a bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I currently hold a position of Athletic Specialist, for three years, at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Metro Denver.

I am looking at returning to school to obtain my master’s Degree as well.  I love spending time with my family and I have interest of traveling the world now that I am out of school (for the moment).

Chloe Franklin


My name is Chloe Franklin, I am the Corporate Safety Coordinator for MarkWest Energy Partners LP. I have a bachelors degree in Biology from Tuskegee and a Masters in Environmental, Health and Safety from the University of  Denver. I have recently started traveling the world and I am really interested in learning how different cultures live.

I am outgoing, kind, courteous, and exceptionally unique. I love spending time with family and meeting new people.

The Need

Housing is one of the basic needs that every person strives to get and comes second after food.  It is imperative to note that a robust and diverse community with healthy economy must be able to provide safe and accessible housing for the residents despite the different income levels.  It is for this reason that the concept of affordable housing becomes an important aspect in the modern hard economic times.  It is the responsibility of an active community to ensure that they have policies that preserve and expand the amount of affordable housing in their regions.  Nevertheless, this is not the case as most low income and middle-income earners are finding it rough getting affordable housing (Ascentia.us). Most of these people are forced to travel for long distances in search of shelter or spend a substantial amount of their earnings to cater for the ever-escalating housing prices. This report will have an in-depth analysis of the housing problem in Denver and why it is essential to offer a solution to this crisis.


Our objective is building affordable housing complex for low-income earners in the county. Most people in the city are middle and low-income earners and will be the beneficiaries of the complex. The complex will also target single parents who finds it difficult catering for the skyrocketing rental prices. It is prudent to note that the complex will have several rental units that even the disabled in the city will enjoy decent housing.