Programs for PMD is contingent on the availability of funding which is likely to change due to the economic conditions.  Not all plans can or will be achieved with any single action and some goals may be more compelling than others.  All decisions will be determined how best to implement policies of the organizations plan, which will best service the public health, safety, and general welfare. 


PMD’s Goal Is To Provide Affordable Rental Properties To Well Deserved Families.  We Want to Be Able To Provide Programs To Assist Families With Home Ownership, Down Payment, Financial, And Budget Assistance.

Proposed Projects Are Phase I, II, And III

PHASE I: Purchase/Rental of Foreclosed Properties:

 PMD seeks to purchase foreclosed homes and rent them at affordable rates. As an option to homeowners seeking to reclaim their foreclosures, we will offer a buy-back option in their agreements. 

PHASE II: Affordable Housing Complex:

 Under this program, we plan to build an affordable housing complex for low-income earners in Denver County. This population served include middle-income, low-income, and single-parent households, of which are at a high risk of housing insecurity due to lack of affordable rental prices. Additionally, the complex will have designated rental units to accommodate disabled renters. 

Phase III: Temporary and or Emergency Housing Facility

 Provide temporary and or emergency housing to Veterans, Homeless, and Domestic Violence Victims. 

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